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DRTSolutionZ: Earn Money Taking Surveys Online

DRTSolutionZ Online Research panel is is a project of Dynamics Research Consultants. This is a legit program to make money online taking surveys. Here you can earn some easy cash by short Online Money Making Surveys. There are good reasons to refer you this survey panel is I will discuss later in the body of this article.

What is DRTSolutionZ

DRTSolutionZ is in the market research surveys industry for more than 6 years. I have been using since then. They can be trusted because they have collaborated with many well reputed companies. I have observed that they do not look for clients. They conduct paid research and opinion surveys in order to keep their panel alive.

How to Join DRTSolutionZ

This is one of the online money making programs without investment. They do not cost even a single penny to join them. You must follow the link below to sign up with the program.

Register on DRTSolutionZ

This link will land you to registration page where you will select your country by flag. Registration form will be presented to you according to your country and state. Feel free to share your basic info as they care about privacy and security. Also they believe in zero spam. If you are not sure that you will remain part of this program then don’t worry because there is option to undo the registration and close the account. If you care about privacy then they treat data with Personal Data Act (PDA). However the info we provide in return for cash is used for research purpose and analysis is on secure servers. We can not force them to remove our opinions to be removed for which we are already paid for. However their surveys are according to the European Society of Marketing & Research (ESOMAR) rules, regulations and guidelines.

Eligibility Criteria

When I became part of this program then it was limited to the Pakistani panelists only. But later on, they have expanded it to other countries i.e U.S.A., U.K, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Norway and off course Pakistan. Many respected users will ask me that why they are slow to expand their panel to other countries. There may be two reasons. First, they not only remove limit but also they develop user interface according to each country. Second, They might focus on countries whose companies and contractor are interested. Biggest problem that I think that is when they expand, they have to set up payment platform for that country. That is a real tough job.

How to Earn Money By DRTSolutionZ

Here is only way to Earn Money Online is by participating in Surveys. Users are paid according to the length and time survey takes. Every country has different rates for research. However they have very decent rates and incentives by default. Whenever there is any survey they will email. Email will contain the link to the paid study. If you haven’t added their emails listed on website in address book then I will recommend you to do so. When you will participate in study and answer the questions, they will validate. After validation they will credit your account balance. They also have their Opinion App on Google Play Store as well as on Apple App Store. I have never used the app because I am part of hundreds of Online Money Programs. If i tried to test all the apps then i will run out of the storage by installing 0.10 % of the apps only. I do not use does not mean that you do not try. Unluckily they have no contests and referral system. But I believe they will start it soon. Whenever they did so, I will be glad to review.

How to Get Most From DRTSolutionZ

Likewise I have suggested in my last article on SurveySavvy, I will repeat and ask you again to keep your profile up to date so that not only you receive more surveys but relevant too. When I joined the program there was a single profile section. But with time they have added dozens of sections to make it relevant and according to the standard. Another thing that I will recommend you to play fair, survey panels have internal rating for users who have honest reviews. The more opportunities are provided to them. They have algorithm that searches for bots and unfair users. When they identify anyone, they remove it permanently.

How to Request Payment

As majority of us work for them, not all of us are volunteers. Most of us are to increase our revenue. We can view our account balance in reward section. There will be payment history listed on right column also. You can request for payment there also. They have no minimum payout there hence I recommend you to use this feature when you have at least account balance of $2.00. There are many methods to withdraw payment.

  • Charity: You can donate to charity organizations there, charity organizations will be according to the country. There are global NGOs are also listed there.
  • Earn Mobile Credit/Recharge: You can request for Mobile Recharge. If you have ported out the network then you must try on another number. Ported out nos. makes problems.
  • PayPal: You can transfer the payment to PayPal account. As PayPal is not listed in my country hence I never tried that.
  • Bank/Mobile Cash Account: They deposit the money to your bank account or mobile cash account also.

Payment Proofs

They have paid me many times. They haven’t updated the status yet. But I am glad that there is no outstanding payment so far.

Payment Proof of DRTSolutionZ
Payments Made By DRTSolutionZ

How to Leave the Program

If you want to leave the program at any time you can close your account in profile section. This is action without undo. if you have done this, then you will not be able to undo this action. Instead of leaving, I will recommend to unsubscribe. Because many programs has closed the memberships.


This program has spent the same life span equal to my struggle and career in this industry. I have been constantly remained member of them. I was unable to perform in many studies because of my commitments to other opportunities. But whenever I participated they credited my account and they paid me in time when I requested Payout. Majority of the surveys were of 2$ and were completed in 3 to 10 minutes. I haven’t found any single negative review about them which is the proof that they are legit. However once again I will advise you to not rely on this program for full time income. Instead use for fun purpose as I do.

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