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Brand Institute: Earn Money Taking Surveys Online

Brand Institute is a Pharmaceutical research organization that aims to provide best services to the clients by conducting surveys in various field related to medical health.  This is another legit survey program to make money online. This websites not only enables clients to seek answers of their asked questions but also provides users the opportunities to make money online. This all happens just because of Online Money Making Surveys

What is Brand Institute

Brand Institute is in this Online Survey Industry  just like SurveySavvy from 1993 which is a quite long age for a survey panel. They are the most trusted panel they are well reputed among all the famous Pharmaceutical Companies. Luckily they a huge amount of most popular brands at a time that I knew. I heard about their recent advertisements on Bloomberg Television, which is self explanatory about their financial position.

How to Join Brand Institute

Brand Institute enables us to make money online without investment. As they are free to join, this is the biggest dream of a online livelihood maker to have such opportunity that do not require a single penny to be part of a legit program. You all have to do is to follow the below link.

Join Brand Institute

There you must click on Continue to Register Button. In next page you have to fill a short form consisting of six fields that hardly takes 5 minutes of the panelist. Here you become the part of it. 

How to Earn Money From Brand Institute

The simplest and easiest way to make money with them is to participate in the surveys related to market research. Survey varies by length and time involved in. However the longer the survey/study will be you will be rewarded higher. As I have just participated in single survey of them that was hardly of 10 minutes. I was rewarded $12. 

Surveys are available either by their official website or Email linked to that account. I found it easier to check my email instead of visiting panel again and again as my web mail is all in one solution for all survey panels and online money making opportunities. 

If you are doctor or assistant in medical field then this will not fruitful for you but will bring some good experience too. Hence you will able to coordinate the companies and research groups interested in your domain.

Above discussion does not conclude that this opportunity is for the people with medical background. As the medicines are not only related to physicians but also to the general public also. Some symptoms and research about area are the things related to general public only.

How to Get Most From Brand Institute

If you are part of them and have profile then I will ask you to keep it updated and accurate as much as possible. As they respect the privacy and have very  little info of the panelist hence it makes it suitable to share what you want as they require limited info in the profile section and you will found that they do not require over info.  Here I will also ask you to participate honestly as your wrong info will not only gets you blocked but it will also result in shame for your city & state. 

As Most of the Survey Programs referral program. Thus program have had this once but now they have stopped forever.

How to Request Payment

As we work for money hence it will be our first and fundamental question that how we will get paid. Some of my mentors told me that they support Paypal but as Paypal not supported in my state, I can not confirm whether they still support them are not. I have choosen the Payment via cheque hence they send me cheque via Mail. Good thing about them is that they offer tracking feature for the cheques and payment against them.

Payment Proofs

Now you will definitely ask me that Whether Brand Institute is Legit or Not? My answer is Yes. They have paid me once with handsome amount recently. Currently my camera is malfunctioning; soon I will upload the Proofs.

How to Leave the Program

If somehow you are not interested to be part of this program then you do not have to worry. Just Unsubscribe their official mail. Because if you revised your decision in future then you do not have to regret it. I have left many programs but now i am unable to join them again as they have closed the membership.


I have been part of this program for a longer period and not only I have found them useful and trusted but many of my mentors and friends also found them useful. I became part of their study once and they paid me US$ 12.00 for just single study that is the huge amount for online study and it is 250 % of a fiver gig that requires huge efforts and struggles.

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