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Google Opinion Rewards: Earn Google Play Credits

Google Opinion Rewards is an app Google itself. Hence you must not question about Is Google Opinion Rewards App Legit? as this is an official rewarding app of Google. This app was developed by Google Surveys Team for the purpose of Market Research. Google Opinion Rewards App rewards for answering simple questions. The Rewards are in the form of Google Play Credits hence it is best and legit way to earn some Google play credits. Google Play Credits can be used for purchasing apps and in-app purchases for apps on Google Play. All the data received in process is used in studies i.e to establish trends. If you think that Google will steal data then why Google share revenue when they have millions of other ways. However Google does not collect personal data instead opinions which are anonymously shared. Opinions you share are rewarded hence you are even. 

What is Google Play Rewards

Google Play is an app like other apps you have on your device i.e. Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp etc. You just have to install the app and answer the simple questions which rewards approx. 1$ in Google Play Credits for answering few tiny questions. As these are rewarding hence they will not embarrass you at all.  Hereby I clarify that this app is not only for the android users but also for iPhone users and unfortunately I have not found apps for other operating systems as I have not used them. Opinions by panelists are analyzed and shared anonymously to the market research companies hence privacy is not an issue yet so far .

How to Join Google Opinion Rewards

There are two ways to download the app. First one is to go to respective manufacturer or OS store as Google Play on android and iTunes on iPhone. Just search the app and install. Another way is to follow the link below and choose app according to your device.

Google Opinion Rewards

Old Android and IOS device may not be able to enjoy the fruits of this program as the app has criteria for Android version After Installation link your app with Google Play and Payment Ids. No fee is charged at all hence it is best program to make online without investment. Complete your profile in order to get most of it.  As soon as you complete the profile you will be notified by Google for survey that you will complete and you will be rewarded with some Google Play Credits hence it is best way to earn Google Play Credits.

Complete your profile in order to get most of it.  As soon as you complete the profile you will be notified by Google for survey that you will complete and you will be rewarded with some Google Play Credits.

How to Earn Money From Google Opinion Rewards

The easiest and best way to earn from Google Opinion Rewards is to answer simple questions which will reward you approx 1$.  The questions are lot easier as What you like about any graphic etc. Good thing is that nothing is difficult at all.  Short and instant Rewarding Online Money Making Surveys are. Once you answer the questionnaire you will see your account credited.

How to Get Most From Google Opinion Rewards

As there is no special strategy to make most from this program however when you are setting up the account you will be asked for frequency of surveys and questionnaire. Whatever you select will decide the future of your experience towards the program.  If you select short period between the surveys then you will receive surveys real fast.

Some people complain that they are sometimes slow to send the surveys. It is all because they send relevant survey to relevant person only. What if I am an IT expert and receive surveys relevant to medical stores and medicines. However turning on the GPS and travelling can unlock more surveys.

Payment From Google Opinion Rewards

As you are reading and I am reviewing, our primary target is to earn some thing. Hence this program does not pay in cash but instead it pays in Google Play Credits which are more valuable to me as I don’t have to deposit my cash hence not only cash is saved but fee involved by banks is also saved. 

How to Leave the Program

It is always foolishness to leave such programs, however if you are committed to some other thing then instead of leaving permanently you can simply uninstall the app and you are free to go.


I am unable to conclude today that my country is not supported by them. I am hopeful that they will support her soon. As I haven’t used yet I am unable to review much. I have used a few days during the visit of United States. I am also unable to share my payment proofs also. Whenever they support my homeland, I will update the thread. Whatever is, I am hopeful this is the golden opportunity to make some extra bucks online with no effort at all.

Last thing these opportunities are for some extra and fast cash. It does not mean that you leave your job. It is also worth to mention that opportunity that you see paying today will last forever.

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