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PrizeRebel: Earn Money Taking Surveys Online

PrizeRebel is another one opportunities that lets user to make some online by taking online money making surveys. First Thing they claim that signing up with them is 10 second’s game but I do not believe because I have never been able to do so so far. If they are true to their statement then I am glad that we have another online money making by online surveys program. As I do not believe them hence I will ask you to read this post till end before concluding anything.

Conclusion First

!!!!PrizeRebel is suspicious one!!!!

I do not rate them as the Scam as I am unable to join. However I also do not declare or rate as legit because I can not untill I become part of it. If you are asking is Is PrizeRebel legit? or Is PrizeRebel Scam. Considering or announcing an online money making program without investment scam is a real tough job.

What is PrizeRebel

With a blog frequently updated Prize Rebel do not have about us section. If they had, I was unable to locate. They have all the sections that a legit program has but I am totally confused with pops up that similar users are being paid frequently and no other than 6 to 7 panelists which are identical is paid. The gap between their payments is very short. I do not believe such programs which show pops like adult and dating sites. A site which is paying too much but not fixing the Signup issue puts another question mark.
Showing the pictures and name of panelist to visitors is also considered breach of privacy sometimes. They claim that they have millions of dollars paid to panelists in 12 years and they have paid the users on January 06, 2019 more than $1,817 which is also suspicious too. But their Alexa Rank is also good which makes it to look like legit.

Should I Join PrizeRebel

As it is totally consent and will of the user using program that whether he joins a program or not, if you are interested then go to their homepage and sign up. If you are able to do sign up then please let me know that so I can update this thread and rate it again. I personally can not recommend a user to join the program as I personally have not enjoyed the fruits of the program yet.

As they are active on all social platform, I will try to contact them and will ask them to fix the issue with registration.

What I was Expecting on PrizeRebel

As the site was very well developed I was very excited to join them but their developer might have taken the long winter and christmas vacations which had ruined my all day. Whatever since they are available on Instagram, I had contacted them via DM and I have also inquired about their position and Stats.

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