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Spidermetrix – Earn Money Taking Surveys Online

SpiderMetrix: Introduction

Spidermetrix is another interesting online survey panel by which we can increase our online money making capital. This is the only program which has points usually known as spider points for each activity on their platform. While signing up you not only become spider but also you receive spider points too.  Here journey begins and you get spider points for each of your action i.e. completing profile too. If you have not become part of any online survey business then please do not mind to read how to earn money by taking online surveys. That will not only guide you about this business but also equip with strategies to how to do everything.

What is SpiderMetrix

Spider is another online survey platform where panelists get paid for their opinions. Not only opinions but also many other fun activities going on there. You are never bound to answer their question but you can choose your style and can answer when you are free and in mood. As they are surveys to collect data hence they have limited budget for audience at large hence you must not daydream about the huge money by single survey however you can if you attempt multiple surveys at regular basis. If you have patience then you have everything else you have nothing.

Things to consider before Spidermetrix

There is myth evolving through most of the online money makers that joining this program will make them rich. There is no shortcut on internet as we have never ever seen such on real life too.  Hence slowly you will proceed towards the capital. Later thing I have noticed that many people use ip changer to access them which is violation of their standards and can result in banish and many worst consequences hence it is always requested to be legit and fair as this is opportunity and  we might not need that but many people have passive income source of them.

How to Join SpiderMetrix

It is another make money online without investment program which do not charge the user at all.   If you are interested to join the program then please follow the link:-

Register on SpiderMetrix

When You click on Register Button you will be instantly guided about the availability of the program in your country. You will not only guided with wizard about the availability but also you will be informed about the surveys in that region too.  It is very easy to get registered with them. There is a short and beautiful wizard for the purpose. Luckily they support all the countries worldwide as far as I have seen many weekly worldwide surveys available there. If you are hesitating then I tell you that they are charging nothing to you but rewarding you only then why to hesitate.

How to Earn Money from SpiderMetrix

When you join the program you can instantly take the now open surveys and profile surveys. There is nothing as volunteering. You will be paid even for very basic steps i.e. registration, profile survey too. Hence it is very fun way to make money online by taking surveys. Hence There is a referral program by which I have more than 15 referrals from my last webblog but none of them have ever tried to earn single point as you can see.

Earn Money by SpiderMetrix Referrals
Earn Money by SpiderMetrix Referrals

However primary mode to earn from them is by Taking surveys online in which we got paid or rewarded for our opinions on  different products or events worldwide. Good thing about them is that they have not only zero tolerance policy for others but also for them as you will never see a single spam in your inbox.  They neither sell memberships nor products. All of their surveys based on questionnaire are of few minutes. 

How to Get Most from Spidermetrix

If you joined them then you have realized that they paid you with points for signing up with them. It is also worth to keep in mind that when you become part of any program that pays or rewards you is you must be equipped with patience. You are getting paid for your opinions but they offer you surveys when they client available. Just login with them and click on Surveys and you will be redirected to surveys homepage having 4 options:-

  1. Completed: All the completed Surveys are listed there.
  2. Now Open: All Now Open are listed there. However there are some surveys on hold too which are resumed after short brake.
  3. Coming: All the upcoming surveys with date are available there.
  4. Results: Results of previous surveys are there. Results are not only based on the percentage per option but also user based remarks or reviews left on each study

This was all how to attempt surveys. Consider Profile also alongwith these because profile is the filter for companies as they ask Spidermetrix administration to set a criteria for their research. If you have complete profile you will not only earn money online by completing forms usually known as profile. Complete profile not only catches researchers but also grooms your presence there. Their newsletter is meant for news and activity but I do not remember that they have ever mailed me anything that is also plus.If you are hesitating that you will not go too far with them, then do not worry because they are courteous when it comes to the points. For completing profile, you not only become eligible for further opportunities but also get rewarded in the shape of rewarding points. This information is necessary when it come to survey panels because surveys have criteria hence no one is unnecessarily disturbed with irrelevant surveys.

Payment from SpiderMetrix

While taking about SurveySavvy we noticed that either the y pay via cheque or PayPal. But Spidermetrix has a mechanism to get rewarded by earning money online without investment.  There are many ways to earn this:-

  • Vouchers: Vouchers from Different Online and Offline Stores hence You can earn Amazon Coupons Taking Surveys Online situation.
  • Cash: That is weakness of everyone and They pay via PayPal hence you can earn cash online without investment.
  • Donations: If you have mind with charity and you are some kind of social work then you can donate many charity organizations hence you can donate online for free.
  • Auctions: If you want to get most from them then you can spend your spider points towards the auctions. This functionality is disabled sometimes.

How to Leave the SpiderMetrix

Under the home tab you can click on delete sub tab and there is a warning plus button. If you click that you will never be able to undo or restore your account so be careful while making your choices.


As the data from surveys is raw one and spidermetrix analyze the data with statistical tools and share only information. If you are conscious about your privacy then they do not share the data of users. For extra security you can go to their accounts section and set from privacy sub option. I am using them for  7 years and I have never received a single spam mail from them. It is always an option to unsubscribe that particular from them. However I have realized that my income for 7 years is very low because of my region but I am not discouraged as I will reach minimum payout soon. I always request readers to be fair and never ever use unfair means for fast cash.

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