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Survey Junkie: Earn Money & Gift Cards Online

Survey Junkie: Introduction

Survey Junkie is another platform that enables user to earn money online via online surveys. If you are not already familiar with online surveys then you must read the how to earn money by taking online surveys. That will incredibly increase your sense of judgment. They claim to have more than 7 million panelists. It is a huge amount i think as I haven’t gone through 100k subscribers on YouTube yet. Many bloggers rate it the best and they have five out of five rating by the users on their homepage. However their rating on trust pilot is getting down day by day.  Whatever, they still have 8.7 out of 10 rating. I have no personal experience as they do not support my region. They reward in the shape of Paypal cash, Amazon and other gift cards. They  have been in this industry for more than 13 years which is more than a decade and considered to be a huge time for online money making survey opportunities.

What is Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online survey platform that reimburse the opinions of their panelists.  You will be asked to answered to answer the questions and you will be rewarded for your input in shape of opinions. However you must have patience to get started with them as these opportunities do not let you to get huge cash in a small amount of time. You can call them an aid but you can not denote them as job. However I found such opportunities fun as I love some data entry that is fast and have rewards.  I heard that they have great surveys on general knowledge and  common affairs in the world i.e Politics.  At the start people have hundreds of bucks in weeks but with increase of numbers of panelists their reward system also became divided. 

Things to consider before joining Survey Junkie

Many panelists claim that they were shocked when they have major part of the surveys and they encountered something wrong or you are not eligible for this survey. If they do such then this is real bad because profile is for criteria purpose. They should add more columns to their profile instead of redirecting people. Some people have issues with their logging system too. Many people complain that their email’s subjects are not so fit. They do not know what is inside the survey.Many users have issue of redirection to other website when they login. If such thing happens I advise you not to submit any of your sensitive info.

However Survey Junkie officials defend that login issues are for one who are having more than one account as multiple account is least tolerant for them. I am hopeful that new interface of Survey Junkie might have killed the issues revolving. Panelists are also facing issues when they try to redeem their rewards. They do not have multiple accounts but when they redeem they are told that they have multiple accounts which is crucial. New panelists claim that they have limited surveys for them so that they can not reach the minimum payout.  

How to Join Survey Junkie

It is another one earn money online without investment opportunity because they do not charge a single penny to join with them. You Just have to follow the below mentioned link and register with them.

Register on Survey Junkie

They are currently supporting US, UK and Canada only. 7 million is a huge amount for that specific area. However they do not support Asia and other countries hence I have to face the situation

How to Sign up with Survey Junkie
Registering with Survey Junkie

How to Earn Money from Survey Junkie

Once you join the program, there are a lot of opportunities. The first and most is to earn bucks by taking surveys. There are rewards for other activities i.e. completing profile. Another good thing is that they have the referral program which is the king feature of any program.T

How to Get Most from Survey Junkie

If you are hesitating that you will not go too far with them, then do not worry because they are courteous when it comes to the points. For completing profile, you not only become eligible for further opportunities but also get rewarded in the shape of rewarding points. This information is necessary when it come to survey panels because surveys have criteria hence no one is unnecessarily disturbed with irrelevant surveys.A

Payment from Survey Junkie

As earlier we have observed that SurveySavvy that they prefer to pay cash and despatch cheques to home address of the panelists as well as payment to PayPal. Survey Junkie has only one thing common that is PayPal. However instead of cash they reward users with gift cards of amazon and popular companies.  If you think that these gift cards are not worth then you are at wrong side because people pay money for such cards. However they have one restriction that they have minimum payout of $10 but when it comes to payment, they pay real fast. 

How to Leave the Program

As the Survey Junkie is not supported in region, hence I do not know the method to leave the program. Once my country of origin is included in their list, I will update this post.


Again, I am unable to review thoroughly as the Survey Junkie is miser to support my region. Once my blog get enough hits and achieves the authority, I will try to contact them and request them to add my birthplace in their trusted and privileged countries. It is not wise to share the snapshots of other users and my friends that have been paid by them. However when they support us, I will again update the thread.

First thing you should consider that surveys in any program are targeted. If you are not invited on every survey that does mean that you are disqualified. Instead hope for the best and stick as another you qualify for opportunity that is only for you.  Last thing please play fair. Many hater and criticizers are ones who do not play fair.

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