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SurveySheep: Earn Money Taking Surveys Online

SurveySheep is a platform that refers use to surveys sites which has some rewarding surveys. As SurveySheep claim that they add surveys to their web frequently.   I do not believe them. If they had done so then we are glad that we have another opportunity to make online by taking surveys. However we strongly recommend you to read this article till end in order to know each and everything.

Conclusion First

!!!!They are suspicious one!!!!

I do not call SurveySheep scam because They are not at least stealing money from people. They might getting commission or referral income for referring people to other survey sites.

What is SurveySheep

As I have gone through all the pages of their web, I have noticed that there is no proper about us section which enables us to see the background of the program. SurveySheep have same content on different sections of their website which means that website is no more clear. 

Should I Join SurveySheep

It is alot easier to join them. Just go to their website by searching on Google. When you visit the homepage a banner with email address and the first name. I will request you not to add there until reach at the end of this program. Whenever I did this confirmation email was sent to my email address. In order to confirm the email address when I accessed my email address. There was no email at all. I went to spam folder and I found that there. When I followed the link the Gmail warned me that link looks suspicious.  However I followed. There was no survey at their panel.

After a few second I received an email from them about another program which I concluded that they are not more than spam. I have unsubscribed them at the same time.  I do not say they are scam but their first impression was something I was not expecting. Their about us section was also misleading. They claimed to be survey site but they were referring. SurveySheep’s Contact us also had not anything more than the email. Which is a hundred and ten percent sign of suspicion. 

Whenever I am asked to refer someone to some other site then I hesitate. How they can refers people other sites when they even can not guarantee themselves. Ads there were claiming that I can earn more than 70 dollars by single survey which is biggest joke.

What I was Expecting on SurveySheep

I wandered there to locate my profile section but there was not any to complete. If there is no profile how can I be eligible for surveys. Their web design also troubles alot.

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